Link my Document

Link My Document (LMD) is a unique service offered to professionals through which professionals can link the documents/ agreements/ contracts with Arbitration. LMD will provide Institutional Arbitration clause & a unique Id which has to be incorporated in any enforceable document/ agreement/ contract.

After the incorporation of arbitration clause along with Unique ID in any enforceable document/ agreement/ contract, If any dispute arises between the parties then they will be entitled to take the recourse of Arbitration by approaching Nyaya Portal to resolve their dispute.*

LMD service can be availed by just paying a very nominal charge starting at Rs. 50/- only.

Advantages of Unique ID

In future, if any dispute arises out of the document/ agreement/ contract on which an LMD Id has been created and incorporated, the professional who created the LMD Id will be entitled to receive referral benefit when dispute is submitted to National Arbitral Tribunal.

*Terms and Conditions Apply.