Disputes under the jurisdiction of Arbitration

All disputes of civil or quasi civil nature fall within the jurisdiction of arbitration.

  1. Almost all disputes – commercial, civil, labour and family disputes in respect of which the parties are entitled to conclude a settlement – can be settled by Arbitration Procedure.
  2. Disputes involving joint ventures, construction projects, partnership differences, intellectual property rights, personal injury, product liabilities, professional liability, real estate, contract interpretation and performance, banking & non-banking transaction disputes fall within the jurisdiction of arbitration.
  3. Arbitration is expanding to the areas of construction, health care, telecommunication, entertainment and technology based industries.
  4. Any Civil matter that are pending before the Civil court.
  5. Any matter related to Government Contract /Tenders/MOUs/ Joint Ventures.
  6. Disputes between Employee and Employer regarding services and disputes related to Section 10-A of the Industrial Dispute Act, 1947.