Cost of Arbitration

Nyaya Portal has worked hard to reduce the cost of arbitration and have developed few products to reduce the cost up to 100% of arbitration and administrative fees.

The clients can refer their matters at the post – dispute stage as well where the cost of arbitration will be calculated according to Schedule -1 of National Arbitral Tribunal (Procedural) Rules.

At a pre- dispute stage the clients can purchase our products through the registered professionals on Nyaya Portal.

To avail 100% exemptions on arbitration and administrative fees – the clients can purchase Nyaya Card for their single/individual contractual transaction by paying a nominal fee at the pre – dispute stage. After purchasing the Nyaya Card, in case if any dispute arises in the future will be 100% exempted from the arbitration and administrative fees.

To avail upto 50% exemptions on arbitration and administrative fees – the corporate/business entities can become a member of Nyaya Portal by purchasing the Nyaya Portal’s membership. Our Membership enables the members in case of any dispute avail upto 50% exemptions on the above said fees, on irrespective number of disputes referred to National Arbitral Tribunal during the valid period of the membership.